Sunday, 29 July 2007

Dunwich Dynamo 2007

Report here.


Kirses said...

Great post - and well done

Steve Harmison said...

"some insane bloke had got there earlier on his own"

was it the ghost of dynamo future?

hippy said...

Awesome dude!

Wish I could've gone faster if only to end the first half sooner! :)

I like to buck the fixed trend - I was armed with Powerbars, lycra AND no smoking :)

How do you know the towns and stuff? It's all a dark blur to me except for that sign welcoming people to Sussex and the big downhill.. again: awesome!

Edward said...


I know all the towns and stuff as the bit from Fyfield up to Finchingfield, through the Rodings, is part of my London-Shotley route. Then, once I get to Sudbury, oi'm in Suffolk (not Sussex, how dare!) which is where I was born and still spend much time.

Edward said...

Oh, and through doing the Dynamo thrice. Names like Nedging with Naughton also stick in the mind.

hippy said...

Suffolk! I knew it didn't sound right!

Finally got my RR done:

Not as cool as yours but my DD was basically me wishing I was elsewhere :)