Saturday, 28 July 2007

Pre-Dynamo 2

So, the sun has come out and it is deceptively warm. But that's not going to trick me.

My bike is now equipped with a front and rear LED, which should do, and my saddlebag which has a few tools. I've gone for 2 bottles cages.

I have just eaten loads of chicken and pasta, I have the following for the ride:
120g dried apricots (erm, 'yum')
8 x Nutrigrain 'elevenses'
4 bananas.
4 x 500ml Lucozade sport drink

I'll be wearing:
Helmet (obviously)
Thermal tights
Short sleeve jersey (as a base layer)
Gore Tex long sleeve jersey
Hi Viz waistcoat (I'll look like an arse, but people will be able to see me)
Neoprene overshoes on top of my SIDI shoes and normal cycling socks.
I'll be carrying long sleeve gloves and a kagoule just in case.

Will also be carrying 4 innertubes, a mini-pump, a rather useless map of a small part of Suffolk, mobile phone, keys, debit card, railcard, about £10 in cash and a spare set of batteries. And sunglasses for tomorrow (optimism).

I've got just over an hour til hippy shows up and we head off to London Fields. So I'd better work out how all this is going to fit about my person.

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