Sunday, 8 June 2008

Paris-Roubaix Cyclo 2008: my Sunday in Hell

Report here.


hippy said...

Great report Ed. Sounds epic.
A "must do" ride methinks.
Maybe I'll be with you in 2010? :)

Edward said...

Richie J has also expressed an interest in 2010 ... what's wrong with you people :s

hippy said...

Well, I did have the cheque written out to enter this year's but the guy said all places were full up before I got it posted.
By the time he said there were new spots available, I'd entered a few other rides and it became impractical. So 2010 was already on the cards for me. P-R isn't silly climbing either which suits my err girth :)

Edward said...

What guy? From what I understand, you can even enter on the day.

There were quite a few larger cyclists about (not saying this applies to you, of course), I think it provided a certain shock absorbing quality when going over the cobbles...

hippy said...

Scott Budgen from Pearson Cycles has organised the last 2 or 3 trips. Sorts out everything except the riding I think.

When he told me it'd filled up I booked Chiltern100, ArcherGP, London2Paris. On coaches advice I didn't add P-R to that list because it might have killed me before L2P - my 'main event'.

Buffalo Bill started it. He said "you have to do a continental sportive" and when I baulked at the thought of mountains he mentioned the Paris Roubaix sportive. A couple of guys from Rollapaluza did it.

Edward said...

You don't need to do an organised trip! Saw a few Pearson cycles chaps, plus a Brixton cyclist.

You'd love continental sportives, nothing like the sportive 'industry' over here. There's one in Belgium I'm mulling over for next year.

John said...

Well, it looks like team Panico/Packard might become quite big next time. What is this Belgium sportive you are thinking of, the Tour of Flanders perhaps. More pave!

Edward said...

Omloop Het Volk looks fun and is cheap/chaotic.

Lidia said...

Surely the next thing in classics is Milano - San Remo, 300km, no pave'!

A couple of soundbites from the support car:

my mom: why are they stopping for so long?
my dad: if I was doing this, there would be not stopping. I'll show them next time..

At a rest point, waiting for John and Ed
Me: Dad, you're in the way of the cyclists there
Dad: but I want to be in the way!

He was so envious of anybody cycling, he wanted to check out everyone's bikes and pained expressions. He really perked up when we got to the rest points! My mom and I needed a bit more coffee to achieve those levels of enthusiasm.

Edward said...

I notice your dad didn't question how long we were stopping when we were within earshot - he would have been silenced quickly!! Anyway, we wanted to spend some quality time with our support team!

Milan-San Remo is doable too. We could get the train to Toulouse and then grab a lift with Mr. P :p

John said...

Omloop Het Volk: more pave... why not. I am really up for the Milan -San Remo, especially if we get Hedley involved, as the currently live in Milan...

Edward said...

Milan-San Remo would be awesome... think of the coffee...

In other news:

My new handlebars, bar tape and helmet arrived today. I can imagine the person who packed it all up presuming that I'd had a crash!

Paul said...

Nice account! I came across this while doing some research for next years PB cyclo. Most people seem to keep quiet about the horrors of the pavé, but I think you've evened the balance somewhat!

Couple of questions: what tyres did you use? Is there any advantage getting wider section tyres if the frame will take them?

What about gel pads for the handlebars - potentially useful?

There's a pretty good chance I'll be signing up for the full distance - maybe see you at the start!



michael said...

HI There: I'd really like to ride the 2010 version. I've tried hard to find the original article from Cyclesport which had the contact info but with no luck. Do you have the website for regestration? Maybe you can post it here on email me at work

thanks in advanced - michael

hippy said...

Try emailing:
cyclingscott at hotmail dot com

Paul said...

All the info for signing up is here:
Still plenty of time to register and there isn't really a limit on entries. I've signed up for the 'Integrale' starting in Ribécourt. So far in preparation I've put some Bar Phat on the bars and expect to add wider tyres before June but need to work on getting the miles in before then (and maybe practising some pavé - I live in France so there's quite a bit about but only short sections unfortunately).
I'm staying in Ribécourt the night before - there's a pasta restaurant nearby if anyone's interested in a pre-run pasta party!