Sunday, 7 April 2013

Shotley - Southwold - Shotley

Bike: Condor
Distance: 99.65 miles
Time: 6 hours 05 minutes 50 seconds
Average speed: 16.3 mph
Maximum speed: 32.5 mph
Odometer (at end): 9594.0 miles

Following various attempts to ride a time trial (I have entered four or five this year, and owing to illness/weather have not competed in any of them), I figured I'd go out and put some serious miles in on the first decent day for ages. Set off with wind at my back, and likely pushed too hard. The 50 mile return leg was horrible, with sore knees. I only stopped once, at the halfway point, for chips and a cup of tea. Once I've recovered, I'm sure this will be worth it though - I am having fun on my bike this year (c.750 miles so far), albeit with a serious lack of fitness. Am likely going to move to Ipswich in the next couple of weeks, so won't have a 20 mile commute to ride anymore, but will hopefully make up for it with more training rides (and better access to club TTs).

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