Tuesday, 18 June 2013

ICA Round 12 Tannery

 Bike: Cervelo
Distance: 10 miles
Time: 25 minutes 24 seconds
Average speed: 23.622mph

In 2004 I rode the Tannery circuit and did 30:04 (because I got lost and ended up doing ~11 miles). In 2008 I did the Tannery circuit, when I was in good shape and on my old trusty Trek, and did 25:10. Tonight I did the Tannery circuit on a beautiful evening - warm and still - and did 25:24 on my slightly embarrassing Cervelo. To be fair, I could have probably pushed harder and my enforced rest from cycling (owing to "marking season") seems to be doing me some good.

A lovely moment tonight: I recognised a name on the signing in sheet, and when the young man had finished, went over and revealed that I used to babysit him and his brother (who was also in attendance)  when they were 0 and 3 respectively (and hadn't seen them since) and lived out on the Shotley peninsula. Bloody hell, I feel old.

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