Saturday, 11 January 2014

Orwell Estuary hopper

Bike: Condor
Distance: 66.41 miles
Time: 4 hours 11 minutes 09 seconds
Average speed: 15.9 mph
Maximum speed: 30.0 mph
Odometer (at end): 10486 miles

Toughest ride of the year so far - started off well, heading out towards Martlesham/Kirton/Felixstowe in nice crisp weather. When I got to Landguard Fort, I realised I'd been helped by a tailwind. Cycled across Felixstowe along the beach roads as much as possible (including some fun hills), and arrived at Old Felixstowe. Got back to Trimley via Ferry Road/Gulpher Road (v. muddy) before taking the old Felixstowe Road back to Ipswich. Cycled up the Wherstead Road and then hit the A137, the ski slope hill was super tough. The A137 was OK, except quite a lot of glare on the wet road. Turned left at Brantham, to go via Stutton, Lower Holbrook and Erwarton to Shotley. Went down to the Marina, peered out at Felixstowe docks for a bit (as I'd been there earlier in the ride...) before cycling back up Bristol Hill and stopping off at my parents. Nobody home, so had a cup of tea and some cake before getting some speed up on the last 10 miles back into town. Ouch!

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