Saturday, 15 March 2014

West Suffolk Wheelers sporting 21

Bike: Cervelo
Distance: 21 miles
Time: 56 minutes 11 seconds
Average speed: 22.426 mph

Faster then when I did this in 2011 (a long 57) but slower than 2007 (55) and 2008 (53!). Fastest men did 46s/47s!

A nice day though - sunny, with a little bit of breeze. The hills didn't seem that bad.

More notable were the Keystone Kops antics before the race, including various tyre issues, losing a glove and overshoe, and only getting a 3 mile warm up.

My Zipp 404 rear wheel is playing up, possibly the bearings, so will be riding on my new Ksyrium Equipes (pinched off the new bike) tomorrow.

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