Saturday, 25 May 2013

A decade of cycling: 39045 miles

It is ten years to the day since I first fitted a cycle computer to my GT road bike. I was an undergraduate, living in Bounds Green, and at the beginning of my on/off obsession with cycling. Since that day, I have nearly cycled 40,000 miles on four different bikes:

25 May 2003-25 May 2013

Cycling mileage:                        39045 miles in total

By bicycle:
GT ('retired'):                            10300 miles
Trek (awaiting resurrection):      17801 miles
Condor:                                     9872 miles       
Cervelo:                                    1072 miles


3904.5 miles average per year (for 10 years)
75 miles average per week (for 520 weeks)
10.685 miles average per day (for 3654 days)

It should be borne in mind I was a much more active cyclist for the first five years of the past decade (perhaps owing to the fact I was a long term student!):

25 May 2003-25 May 2008: 27883 miles (5576 miles per year average)
25 May 2008-25 May 2013: 11162 miles (2232.4 miles per year average)

Miles cycled in 2013 so far: 1449 miles (just a mile away from a 10 mile a day average)

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