Monday, 6 May 2013

VC Baracchi 10

Bike: Cervelo 
Distance: 10 miles 
Time: 24 minutes 11 seconds 
Average speed: 24.810 mph

Only 11 seconds off a 25mph average speed... and 42 seconds slower than last time I did this course. On the other hand, I was 19 seconds quicker than on Saturday, on arguably a harder day. The B10/43 is a quite tricky course to gauge - no real flat sections, either gentle uphill drag or downhill. I went for it harder than on Saturday and was hurting quite a lot at the end, but this is a good marker. I'm on the E2/10 next week, so will be looking for a 22 if conditions are right.

Today was a welcome return for my epic 'commutes' to get to races: up at 5am to cycle 35 miles to Wortwell. This did give me a chance to see some pretty bits of Suffolk (Debenham and Eye in particular) as well as various woodland creatures frolicking dangerously close to the road (a fox, a muntjac deer, infinite rabbits). I then cycled back after the race, making it an 80 mile round trip in all.

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