Tuesday, 7 May 2013

ICA Round 6 Crowfield

Bike: Cervelo 
Distance: 9.7ish miles (course shortened owing to roadworks)
Time: 25 minutes 41 seconds 
Average speed: 22.6ish mph

Position 13th out of 32 (the club detail is wrong)

I think that's five time trials in 10 days - not bad going!

If the course had been the full length, I would have likely gone over a minute quicker than last week. Much nicer conditions, though, sunny and still-ish, and I took a few more 'risks' round the corners. My climbing was OK on most of the hills, but I blew it on one of them. Next week I will aim for a sub-26 for the full 10 miles.

Best bit, though, (beyond catching up with some familiar faces from the Ipswich cycling scene) was a barn owl flying next to - and then in front of - me as I cycled home. That's the second time this year, after an earlier winter encounter with an owl when I was out on a training ride on the Shotley peninsula.

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