Tuesday, 14 May 2013

ICA Round 7 Crowfield

Bike: Condor
Distance: 10 miles
Time: 28 minutes 36 seconds
Average speed: 20.979 mph 

Position: 7th out of 12

Hang on... a 10 mile time trial in 28+ minutes? A time trial on the Condor Agio, my trusty commuter/training bike, which has the aerodynamics of a bus compared to the Cervelo?? And I'm pleased?!?

The weather was pretty poor all afternoon, and the forecast was atrocious, so I chose to ride the Condor rather than mess up the Cervelo. I figured if I could average above 20mph, that would be good going, given the bike and the conditions. It was also nice to ride a TT on the Condor - it is nearing 10,000 miles of use since I acquired it in January 2008, and I'd not previously raced it.

Rode out to the start in relatively dry conditions, with a favourable tailwind. Not many starters showed up  - maybe twelve? - and, as I overtook two riders, I'm surely guaranteed my first top ten finish of 2013! Moreover, I wasn't far off my time on this course two weeks ago on the Cervelo... (27:39) Remember - this is not a fast course, it has some sharp climbs and nasty descents, and is very 'sporting'. My personal record round here is 25:05 back in the day, so today - given the poor conditions and lack of aero caboodle - must rate as a good ride.

It was fun riding a TT in the old-fashioned drop-handlebar position, althought I went out (into the headwind) too hard, and kept blowing up on the hills. As the rain began to set in, my computer stopped working for a bit, and I picked up a stitch for a couple of miles. One of my legs also started cramping (I'd had the same problem with the same leg swimming last night). I also had one or two hairy moments on the slick surface, but didn't have any real Wiggins moments (earlier this week he described his Giro descending as 'like a girl' - perhaps female riders, when descending chaotically or gingerly, should say that they are descending 'like a Wiggins'). Overall: an epic ride, and I was suitably mud-spattered at the end.

The IBC Open 10 is on this course on Sunday - am hoping for dry conditions so I can try and beat the 25:05...

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