Saturday, 18 January 2014

Ipswich - Eye - Halesworth - Southwold - Leiston - Woodbridge - Ipswich

Bike: Condor
Distance: 96.91 miles
Time: 5 hours 52 minutes 56 seconds
Average speed: 16.5 mph
Maximum speed: 28.0 mph
Odometer (at end): 10689 miles

Some great base miles, but I'm not going to mark this as a century, as I was over three miles short.

I used to ride to Southwold from Shotley and take the same route back as this gave me a perfect century ride. Now I live in town, I had to find an extra 20 miles - so I designed a more looping route. I'm glad I did: the first half of the ride on the 'new' route was really interesting, especially the B1117 from Eye to Halesworth. A lonely, blustery road, dotted with small villages and massive churches.

I got most of the headwind out of the way on the first half of the ride, so the journey back along the familiar route was fairly straightforward and I kept myself reasonably hydrated. Was pleased to clock in under six hours for a training ride in breezy conditions.

The sea at Southwold was quite rough and I watched some impressive waves as I had a cup of coffee at the pier (no chips - am trying to lose some weight).

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