Monday, 20 January 2014

Ipswich - Martlesham - Bucklesham - Ipswich

Bike: Condor
Distance: 18.78 miles
Time: 1 hour 05 minutes 13 seconds
Average speed: 17.2 mph
Maximum speed: 28.5 mph
Odometer (at end): 10707 miles

This was quite good fun - a gentle spin out to Martlesham via Playford Road, then back again via the Bucklesham Road. I have been using the Playford Road recently as a relatively quiet way to get out of town to the east, and today I got onto it via Humber Doucy Lane rather than the busy Woodbridge Road. So now I have a pretty safe 'exit' from Ipswich which also adds on some handy mileage.

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